The Artificial Harbor

Venerdì 13 ore 20:15

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From living room session to a performance at the Donauinselfest (Fm4-stage 2011): the members of The Artificial Harbor, resident in Vienna, know how to delight their audience. Since their formation in 2010, the young band moves between Indie and Folk on a high level. This energetic mixture invites to dance, especially during live performances. Now there prevails a sense of new beginning in the band’s sunny neo-hippie-land. Dark clouds have gathered, bringing psychedelic and mystic elements to the music along with polyphonic singing.

The self-produced debut Greenfields (EP 2012) with the same-named title song is the forerunner of what is yet to come on the new path the band has decided to go.
At the moment the five friends are working on new songs and recordings in preparation for their 2013 Summer, Yo! -Tour.

Julian Angerer (vocal,guitar)
Niki Comploi (drums,vocal)
Nora Pider (vocal,organ)
Alexander Duml (bass)
Bernie Busetti (guitar,mandoline)